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Laughing at Death

I became best friends with someone on Death’s fast track. That was not my plan.  I had simply volunteered to do some driving.  My schedule was “whateva” and her schedule was whatever the Mayo Clinic said it was. Boy, can I just tell you I was nervous that first day I drove.  I’d never been […]

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My Social Butterfly

I have a social butterfly for a mother. She loves to flit about just like a butterfly from flower to flower saying hello to everyone she can. Sitting on her front porch she’ll holler out a hello and start up a conversation with anyone who walks by. Church is her particularly favorite flower garden of […]

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Apples and Other Things

  Monday Friday Letter to My Kids – September 25, 2017 Dear J, J, L and L, I know, I know, it’s not Friday. And I haven’t written to you for ages. I figured it must be about time. And besides, why wait until Friday? I ran across this quote recently. “Life will break you. […]

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I Just Called to Say I Love You

Few things in life cause a person to contemplate their own mortality more than the death of someone they’re close to. My friend, Kathy, was only ten years old when her parents were killed in a drunk driving accident. Needless to say, death sort of hardwired itself into her head at such an early age. […]

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A Short List of Good Stuff Like Love and Sandwiches

It’s Gratituesday! My life overflows with good stuff and I’ve been a slacker about acknowledging that. Here’s a short “list” of some of the yummies I’ve experienced lately. Carless Sure I’m without a car at the moment and have to bum rides everywhere, all the time; but hey, people are kind and generous and willing. […]

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That Fuzzy-Eyed, Staring at Nothing Buzz That Happens

You know that fuzzy-eyed, staring at nothing buzz you feel when you’re running about a week behind on your sleep? Yeah, that one. I’ve felt that for a few days now. Seems like a less than stellar way to begin a year. I’m betting I could sleep for three days in a row and still not […]

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Our Most Expensive Christmas Tree Ever, But Worth Every Penny

A few years back we finally followed through with my wish to go off into the woods to cut down our own Christmas tree. “It’ll be fun!” I said smiling. “Think of it as an adventure,” I cajoled. “We’ll save money,” I smiled, as I played my winning ace. So off I went to the […]

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Pay Attention to the Signs: or My Grand Grand Adventure

It’s Gratituesday! I found out that you CAN go home again, after a fashion, and I’m thankful for that. At thirteen years old I experienced the grandeur that is Grand Canyon. At the time I had two less siblings than I do now. So Mom and Dad only had five of us to keep track […]

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Black Inner Tubes and Snowy Hills: Or How I Survived Childhood Winters and Lived then to Learn to Ski

“Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face.”  ~Dave Barry I grew up practically on a mountain, with snow five feet deep in our front yard every winter. (Except for that one inversion year when nothing but fog accumulated.) On the other side of the mountain lived a ski resort. A tiny […]

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Haunted by Dinosaurs and Other Big Scary Things

Friday Letter to My Kids – Dear J, J, L and L, You’re gonna think I lost my mind. I’m haunted today by the movie “Land Before Time.” I tried to drive it out by singing my super-shortened version of “The Wizard of Oz” soundtrack, but it wouldn’t leave. I tried eating chocolate, but that didn’t […]

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