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Up in the Air

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It’s Gratituesday!  Today I am feeling an excitement I can’t quite name.  There’s an exhilaration and vibrancy in the air.  Can you feel it too?  Or is it simply me?

This is like that churning sensation, antsy feet, jumping about while waiting in line for a roller coaster you’ve never ridden feeling.  An electrical charge seems to pulse all around you. Something like that zings through the air today.

A job interview after ages of waiting, stomach flipping with nervous energy, feels this way. Today my stomach is an Olympic gymnast and I am mid-flight in a backflip waiting to stick the landing, arms held aloft and confident.

The first day back at school after summer break, new kids, new teacher, new hopes, a thrill of the unknown, the possibilities hovering on the edge. I look over the precipice with wonder today.

A box wrapped in shiny foil paper, bound with a glittering ribbon, knotted with a flourish and a bow, awaits opening.  Soon now, very soon, the gift will be unwrapped and we will all see what’s inside.

I am grateful for the anticipation of the gift, the possibilities of a new school year, the promise in a job interview, the potential energy of a carnival ride.

I am grateful for this singular day of each voice joining in the song of America. I sit on the edge of my seat, listening, waiting, wondering.

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