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Thirty Days to More Sanity

As if life isn’t already busy enough.

You too?

Yeah. I know. I’m surely crazy!

I’ve decided to accept the challenge this November.

No, I am not going to grow a mustache or beard, as easy as that would be now that I’m over a certain age. Not sure a female can really man up the same way. And I’m certain I don’t want to grow facial hair.

No, no. I am not attempting to write a novel in one month like participants in NaNoWriMo commit to.

Photo by joergens.mi

Pomegranates! Photo by joergens.mi

No, no, no. Neither am I celebrating or becoming more aware of pomegranates, veganism, pancreatic cancer, sweet potatoes, pet diabetes, sponges, manatees, gluten-freeness, inspirational role models, banana pudding, impotency, peanut butter lovers, entrepreneurship, healthy skin or thirty-plus other possible November commemorations.

I don’t even want to get my Christmas shopping done in the month of November. — Gasp! Get this woman some oxygen, STAT! — (Questioning my sanity at this point, aren’t you?)  In fact, I don’t want to purchase a single Christmas related item at all during this singular lunar phase of the year 2014.

My only goal for November?

Survive with my sanity intact through the end of the month.

You think I jest.

I jest not.

Juggling complete with theme music in the background!

Juggling complete with theme music in the background!

In case you haven’t noticed there’s this trend, obsession, thing monstrous idea that involves packing the months of October, November and December so full with causes, goals, events and busyness that a person can hardly breathe.

I refuse to participate in such nonsense. I just want to enjoy life, and be with people I love or at least like a lot. I don’t want to recreate some Pinterest-worthy scene to photograph and share on various social media platforms.

Of course, along with the added busyness, life throws its usual and not-so-usual curve balls and flaming batons and razor-sharp knives and expects you to juggle them while it sets you down on a cliff edge when it darn well knows you’re deathly afraid of heights.

And yet.

And yet, I have decided to jump in on NaBloPoMo.

Sounds almost obscene, I know. But in reality I think it’s a link to my sanity. Let me explain.

NaBloPoMo otherwise known as National Blog Post Month encourages, nay, offers prizes and incentives to, bloggers to post every single day during the month of November.

Why would I do such a thing? Most months of the year I barely post three times a week to my blog.

writing photoWhy indeed.

Because Writing (capital W) keeps me sane. Because Writing lets me download the contents of my swirling mass of thoughts and chaos to a manageable medium. Writing softens life’s blows. Writing helps me make sense of so much senseless nonsense. Writing helps me breathe better. Writing acts like nasal strips for the soul. (too much?)

Taking on the daily blog post challenge increases my writing time and hence, (yes, hence) my sanity.

If no one else reads what I write, that’s okay. It’s all for me all the time anyway. I’m just being selfish. I’m claiming the month of November for myself, come what may. Well, I’m claiming at least five hundred words a day for myself.

It’s a big step, but I feel empowered and excited and overly sleepy already.

Have I taken on more than I should? Will I feel saner in thirty-one days? Will the universe conspire against me?

No. Maybe. Yes, most certainly.

I’m standing on the cliff edge and taking the leap toward sanity.  I sure hope my parachute opens when it’s supposed to.

Wish me luck!


“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” ~Ray Bradbury

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November Gratitude Invitational


I’ve already overbooked myself for November and we ‘re less than 24 hours into the month.


For instance I’ve accepted a walking challenge. This involves either several walking marathons or consistent walks every day for the entire month. Seems like a great idea since I need to get more outdoor time and exercise, so this is good. I already forgot this morning, must have something to do with sugar overload and a way too late bedtime.


photo-18 copy 18Also November is, once again AnClOuGaSoMo. Not familiar with this one? It’s been going on since MSH and I became a family. Seriously, he had a storage unit when we married back in the Neolithic Age.) It stands for Annual Clean Out the Garage Sometime Month. Which means I plan to clean out the garage, (yes, again already) sometime in the next 30 days. That could be scary or very cathartic. Or tragic, well, probably not really tragic. I just don’t really want to do that much work.  Maybe I’ll just shove it all out into the driveway and post a big garage sale sign. Except I despise garage sales.


There’s some convoluted travel plans mixed in the schedule this month, too.


And there’s the Thanksgiving holiday!!  A delightful holiday which involves a day of baking pies, and a separate day of cooking, and a day of recovery, and lots of shopping and cleaning ahead of time. All that for a few glorious hours of Family and Friends, noise and love bouncing off the walls, dishes piled high, dessert overload and abundant joy.


Otherwise, it’s simply a normal month with the usual comings and goings and dervish-like whirling.


I love me some November! Why? Besides all of the above reasons?


For me November rotates around gratitude every single day.


So, once again, I’m committing right here, out loud in front of everybody, that every day this month I’m going to blog or Facebook or both, something that I’m grateful for.  And I’ll still do my usual Gratituesday posts.


That sounds like a lot but if I’m only mentioning one thing a day and I’m not going into elaborate explanations, then I can succeed. Right?


At the same time I’m setting up this challenge, correct that, invitation,  I’m throwing this challenge/invitation out to anyone who’s  interested in joining me.


I’ve written a bit about the benefits of adding gratitude to your life on this post. If you want to see if I really know what I’m talking about or if I’m just blowing smoke, you could  join in with me. One thing a day. That’s all. Unless you want to overachieve and do three or five.


It doesn’t have happen publicly. You don’t have to post on Facebook or Twitter or a Blog. That’s just how I do it so I feel like I have some accountability. You can simply get out a sheet of paper or a little notebook and list your daily item that makes you smile, brings you joy, lifts your spirits, puts a zing in your step or makes your heart go purr.


Gratitude changes everything

Gratitude changes everything (Photo credit: symphony of love)

At the end of the month what will you have? At the very least, a list of thirty great things about your life. Or more likely, you’ll have gained a slightly changed perspective about how your life does not stink. Or even better, you’ll see life through a lens of thankfulness.


Think of it. If ten of us did this there’d be three hundred grateful vibes mixed up in the universe of grouchiness. If fifty of us did it there’d be fifteen hundred thankful thoughts floating about. If a hundred people joined in there’d be three thousand smiles to offset all the frowns that exist out there.


Don’t you want to try it? Ah, come on, say yes!


Say, “Today I’m thankful for _____” and fill in the blank, every day, all month-long. You can do this!


It can’t hurt.


Give it a try.


Two other posts I wrote that sort of tie in, that you might want to check out.


Related articles by other cool bloggers that show I’m not the least bit original and that this idea rocks.


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Top Ten Reasons November is the Best Month Ever

A Dust Bowl storm approaches Stratford, Texas ...

10. Snowbirds convene for the longest flashmob ever staged.  What?  You didn’t know they  were the original inventors of the flashmob?  Wait for it…wait for it…wait for it….keep waiting.  Gotta love those retirees!  They have such perspective, incredible wisdom and lots of cash that flows into our local economy.  There are many reasons they are known as the greatest generation.

9. Perfect weather.  Well, it is here in Phoenix.  Not too hot, not too cold.  No apocalyptic dust storms, no skies opening up with a year’s worth of rain in one hour, no searing I-can’t-touch-the-steering-wheel heat. Mmmmm.  Ahhhhhh. I am in heaven!

8. NaNoWriMo  National Novel Writing Month.  It’s fun to watch and read about various writers’ efforts to write an entire novel in one month.  Oh, the obsession, the angst, the insanity, the desperation! Sounds so fun!  Maybe someday I’ll try it.  Or not. For now, my novel’s characters are all in a drug-induced stupor until the holidays are done and over with in January.  Believe me, it’s for the best.

7. Water returns to the local Riparian Preserve, bird sightings increase.  I start bringing my binoculars on walks so I can get a better view of all those incredible birds. Where do you think all those northern species hang out while winter cold rages elsewhere?

6. My favorite cousin is coming for a visit and a 10K race.  You should be excited too!  She’s awesome, cool, smart, a killer Scrabble player, very funny, athletic, a book reader, a water engineer, a biker, hiker, runner and she’s single. Just saying.

Arizona Sunrise

Sun rises at it’s scheduled time, once again.

5. Daylight savings time ends for six months, give or take an hour. I don’t have to do complex math calculations before I make a phone call out-of-state.  Arizona doesn’t participate in this odd hoax on time manipulation.  We’re waiting for actual time warp machines to be available at Walmart.

4. AnClOuGaSoMo. Not familiar with this one? Annual Clean Out the Garage Sometime Month. Also known in the Tilby house as Pack Rat Rearrangment Day or I-wish-I-lived-anywhere-but-in-this-household day. Once we’ve survived the self punishment of organizing all our junk it’s a nice feeling to be able to find things we didn’t know we owned but might want some day.

3. Gratitude, thankful status posts and happy lists abound.  Nothing wrong with a little optimism, some paying attention to the positive in our lives. Some people set a goal to post something they’re grateful for as a Facebook status every day of the month.  We are a very blessed group of people and ought to acknowledge that a little more often.

2. The Presidential Election will be over with – for a couple of months anyway. Hopefully, (cross your fingers) there are no hanging chads or other such anomalies.

1. Pie.  ‘Nuff said.


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