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Had You Known

Once in a great while I run across something that just floors me. This quote is one of those. You might want sit down before you read it.

Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known. 

~Garrison Keillor


Sure, take a seat. Think that one over.

Yup, you’ll need to read it again, slower the second time.

And maybe one more time.

Such an opposite thought to our frantic to-do list, achievement oriented lifestyle, it’s not your standard “reach for your dreams” kind of sentiment, is it? No, it’s the complete opposite of most “motivational” quotes.

Here’s an idea which is very nearly blasphemous in its quiet advocacy for contentment, fulfillment, serenity, satisfaction, happiness, gratitude, pleasure, gladness, or ease.

I like it.

Let it sift through your thoughts to see if maybe it’s an idea you need.

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Listening to the Sun

Serenity found here…

The water from the lake barely ripples.  There is just a slight breeze, a few distance clouds.  Blue saturates the  sky, a clear color I haven’t seen for years.  At this elevation, 8500 feet, give or take a few,  the dust and haze of the valley hover far below, leaving no filter between me and the wide expanse above.

Pine trees enclose the small lake like a protective, natural fence.  From my seat, on an outcropping of boulders, the world is a pristine and perfect place.

The climb to this tiny utopia had been an exceptional elevation change for a desert dweller like myself.  (I live around 1200 feet above sea level.)  My lungs had worked hard to squeeze every molecule of oxygen out of the thin air as we hiked the sharply angled trail.

Sitting, with the silence as our only other companion, a kind of peace settles, filling in all the cracks and chinks of my worn out psyche.

My Personal Colorado Rocky Mountain High

Nearby a flutter of  dime-sized periwinkle  butterflies hover just above the ground like miniature flying bouquets.

I sip some water, crunch a couple of peanuts. Let out a long breath of contentment and calm.   My muscles have a hard-earned ache that let me know that, yes, I am very much alive.

The clarity of the blue above me works like a lullaby.  I am entranced, enchanted and captured by tranquility’s warmth. The weary, jagged parts of me begin to mend.

Leaning back on the boulders, I close my eyes.  The sun brushes my face and whispers.


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