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What’s in Your Junk Drawer?


My actual junk drawer!

We’re talking a drawer with the following dimensions: 10 x 20 x 3.5 inches

That’s 700 square inches, isn’t it? Good grief, that explains the magical qualities this drawer possesses!

Look at what this deceivingly cavernous small drawer holds!

The top visible layer:

  • scotch tape
  • sewing scissors
  • two pair regular scissors
  • craft paint
  • packing tape
  • glue sticks
  • 12 inch ruler (used to measure the drawer)
  • two screwdrivers
  • kid friendly magic markers
  • super glue
  • pencils
  • pens
  • roll of 5 mm leather cording
  • shoelace
  • ribbon
  • clothes pin
  • deck of playing cards
  • three-inch wide paint brush
  • batteries, mostly AAA
  • elastic bands

Digging in just a little:

  • candles, tapers and tea lights
  • yellow highlighter
  • roll of jute cord
  • packet of nails
  • permanent markers
  • matches
  • large tube of kitchen caulk
  • shelf brackets
  • key rings
  • a carabiner
  • extension cord
  • blue balloons
  • spool of white thread

Oxygen mask depth toward the back of the drawer:

  • multiple packets of fresh flower food
  • sample size bottle of liquid stevia
  • childproofing outlet cover
  • a lone cotton ball
  • screws, various sizes
  • paper clips
  • safety pins
  • magnets
  • zip ties
  • wildflower seeds (loose, dang it)
  • super glue
  • eraser refill
  • pink plastic diamond ring
  • thumbtacks
  • box cutter with rusty razor
  • bag of glass beads
  • o-rings, metal and rubber
  • chalk, a whole box
  • bungee cord mini sized
  • various crayons
  • green craft paint
  • spackling tool, with rust
  • metal bird Easter ornament
  • plastic over the door hook
  • pliers
  • a single red Lego
  • allen wrench
  • diaper pin (seriously?)
  • short length of chain
Non-Pinterest worthy mini organizer drawers. Notice that the ball needle has it's very own drawer!

Non-Pinterest worthy mini organizer drawers. (Notice that the ball needle has it’s very own drawer, 2nd row from top on the far left.)

Is that silly, or what?

No wonder I can’t find anything in this place. It’s all stuffed in the junk drawer. And I have a place designated for most of it. I own a  pencil holder, and a tool box, and a paint box, and toy boxes, and a sewing box, and a labeled organizer for tiny miscellaneous things. (None of these are Pinterest worthy, thank goodness.)

On a bright note, it took three years for this drawer to consume such a vast array of epic fabulousness and become a source of dissonance in my life. I know this because we moved into this house three years ago, give or take a month or two.

On another bright note, the drawer didn’t have any papers, old bills, photographs or receipts in it. Discussing the paper monsters requires several days worth of blog posts and I’m not so sure I have the emotional stamina right now to deal with that issue.)

On an odd note, there was no loose change of any kind in the drawer. Not even a gum covered penny or a sticky dime. What’s up with that?


Dumping the entire contents out on a big towel on the floor clearly is the only way to deal with this much nonsense. Start fresh. Put on some tunes, freshen up my diet Coke, schedule an hour minimum and have my workout shoes on. Then every single tiny item gets put in its designated place. There shoudn’t be too much left over in the miscellaneous category. At least, that would be my dream.

I’ll clear some time on my itinerary for this project. Maybe this Saturday. And I’ll reward myself afterwards with something delicious, like a nap.

Take a deep cleansing breath at this point.

There! Now that you’ve peered into my junk drawer don’t you feel better about yours?

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To Keep or Not to Keep, That is the Real Question

On nearly every women’s magazine cover I’ve ever seen, there is one blurb about decluttering.  That topic seems more compelling than the latest celebrity gossip, weight-loss plan, menu calendar or scheme to get a raise.

From that fact alone, I would surmise that everyone is a packrat, everyone has too much stuff,  or they aren’t very organized about the stuff they have. (If you aren’t even a bit of a packrat, you can stop reading now.) You can read my own confession of “packratness”  in my Seven Steps to Organizing Your Garage or Losing Your Sanity post.


For me personally, what I’m really looking for when I read an article on organization or dejunking, is control over my life.  I just want to feel I have a little bit of a hand on the steering wheel of my life.  Mostly what I experience on a daily basis is the sensation of being in the passenger seat of a first time student driver.

Model Homes This Way

(Photo credit: sdpitbull)

I’ve known minimalists whose homes were pristine, perfect specimens of the uncluttered life.  Were they happier?  Did they seem more in control of their lives?  Honestly, I have no idea.  It seemed kind of barren, like stepping into the pages of a magazine model home photo shoot.  Dry, flat, empty. That’s not the look or feel I’m aiming for either.


We once moved into a home a week ahead of our possessions.  We had a couple of foam mats, some sheets and pillows, bath towels, camp chairs, our suitcases.  We ate take-out or deli food on paper plates, drank from paper cups.  The house echoed a bit. But we both agreed it was oddly pleasant not to have so much stuff around us.  Even the garage was empty but for the solitary car we parked inside of it.  (Now there’s an idea, huh?)

I almost felt like I was on vacation; camping without the bugs, dirt and latrine. A couple of friends dropped by to see the new place.  When we said we liked it empty you’d have thought we said, we’re thinking of installing a torture chamber in the spare bedroom. People really like their stuff.

Moving boxes

Moving boxes (Photo credit: Andrea_R)

We weren’t all that thrilled when the boxes and furniture arrived and filled every room to overflowing. (Did I mention we had downsized?) Suddenly there was life demanding attention, a to-do list miles long and months out.  And with it all, an ongoing list of maintenance, dusting, cleaning, polishing, filing, cooking, washing, and sorting.


Maybe that’s why I like traveling.  My stuff is all that fits in one carry-on suitcase, a backpack and a personal item.  Travel is life simplified, life in control. I’ve got my own hands firmly on that steering wheel.

MSH once suggested living in a motor home. (That’s traveling, I suppose.) You know, those bus sized houses on wheels that snowbirds drive into Arizona on their yearly migration from Minnesota and Canada? I couldn’t picture us that way. For one thing, we aren’t nearly old enough. Besides, where would I put all my books? The thought of downsizing THAT much made me breathless with anxiety. That is certainly not what I meant when I said I wanted to have my hand on the steering wheel of life.

Steering Wheel

(Photo credit: Marie Carter)

Still, there was that one week we had of minimal stuff.  It was relaxing. But, it was also temporary.

I wonder if I could find a happy medium between almost no stuff and way too much stuff.

Guess I’d better look up some articles on decluttering.

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