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Nine Happinesses To Share

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Fabric hearts sewn together in a garland for my front door. Ta da! An actual finished project!

It’s Gratituesday! Today’s thankfulness is brought to you courtesy of a quick list of things I’m thankful for.

  1. I belong to a book club that makes me think about things I don’t always consider. I should also mention I feel lucky that they’re so easy-going about my critical, not always glowing words when we discuss things.
  2. Cold weather and I don’t get along well. I’m blessed to live where the winter is mild and reasonable.
  3. I’ve had lots of time in the past two weeks of influenza fog to do some big time reading. So I guess there’s a plus side to being sick.
  4. I finished a craft project I started a year ago. Nothing fancy or complicated. But I finished it. I’m not normally a finisher, so I feel pretty dang successful and proud of that little project.
  5. I missed January’s vegetable planting window, but I still have a February garden waiting to start.
  6. My wildflowers out front bust out more every day, making a green, yellow and orange carpet of my rocky front yard. Add in the brimming flower pots at the front door and I feel welcomed home with open arms.
  7. A good sized “to-read” stack of books beckons me with undiscovered adventure, wisdom and laughter.
  8. A vacancy opened up recently on my writing desk, just roomy enough for my little family of journals, notebooks and a laptop computer.
  9. I think there’s music fluttering about that I’m not hearing, so I’m turning up the volume on my potential-good-stuff-in-my-life-meter. I’ll fine tune a few things and hopefully, soon, I’ll catch a melody breezing about and let it in.

I’m sure there’s more, but midnight’s closing in fast and GratiWednesday just sounds dorky.  I wanted to make sure I acknowledged the happiness in my life today, and every Tuesday.

Feeling blessed.

And sleepy.

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English: spider web with fog droplets, San Fra...

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It’s Gratituesday! Today I am grateful beyond thankfulness. I’ve become like a sponge, saturated beyond holding another single drop. I don’t say this in a bragging way, certainly not. No. I say it with amazement and wonder and awe and tears. If I had been told a few short years ago that I could feel such joy I would have laughed, scoffed and denied the silly notion.

Why such unrestrained, ridiculous gratitude?

  • The absolute happiness on my son’s face with his new bride.
  • The smile beaming on my daughter’s face with her CSU cap and gown.
  • The shine of love in that same daughter’s eyes.
  • A pregnancy glow in another daughter.
  • Another wedding in a just a couple of months.
  • Being surrounded by family, extended family, friends, and love.

This seems like more than any one person deserves or should have in one short period. I kind of see it as a counterbalance to a few years ago when my pendulum swung wide and far from gratitude. Maybe it’s a reminder that life isn’t always about the bad stuff, which I believed for such a very long time.

My kids deserve it. They’ve worked hard to get to where they are, to have earned such happiness. Where they are now has very little to do with me. What they have now has everything to do with their  own determination, desires, sweat, experience and even redirection.

Does a word exist that describes this pendulum swing, counterbalance, this overabundant, joy-filled time?

Sure the word is…


Sounds delicate, doesn’t it?

It is. Fragile, tenuous, weblike, lacy, barely there.

But, oh so stunning.

Take it in, breathe deeply, enjoy.

Then remember, remember, remember.


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