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To Those Who Put the Care in “Health Care”

It’s Gratituesday! Today I am grateful to those people who learn the hard words, study for years, understand anatomy and biology and math and science and medicine to become doctors and nurses and technicians and clinicians and caregivers in hospitals and medical facilities.

LTD_Clincal_0019 Stethescope

There’s no way to thank someone enough for the hours and years they have dedicated to excelling in their field.  Having the life of a person as your responsibility must weigh heavily every day. Knowing what steps to take, what tests to run, how to help, where to go, what’s next must feel stunning.  Having the guts and knowledge to cut open a skull, break open a chest, or work on the miracle that is the human body simply amazes me.

How thankful I am this week for all the doctors, medics, nurses, therapists, anyone responsible in any way for saving my Mother’s life. Gratitude pumps through my veins this week. I breathe in thanks and exhale hallelujahs.

She continues to progress with stunning rapidity. (Yay, Mom! You go girl!)

I want to hug every doctor or nurse I see, every med student, EMT, phlebotomist, x-ray tech, even receptionists, to vicariously share the inexpressible gratitude I feel to those who worked directly on and in behalf of my Mother.

If you are in the medical field, this thanks is to you, for your selflessness, the hours of paperwork, your kindness and diligence, and your skill.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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